With businesses affected by COVID-19 worldwide, companies are shifting the market virtually to adapt to health and safety protocols and the automotive industry is no exception. With more options than ever for buying a vehicle online, it’s important to be aware of the right and wrong way to buy online. A vehicle is a big investment, and that’s why we have some tips to consider when buying your vehicle online.

According to OMVIC Canada, as of May 19th, 2020, registered dealers are able to sell or lease vehicles online with test drives (and remote test drives) permitted if health & safety guidelines are followed. When purchasing a vehicle remotely, this requires consumers to be educated to ensure a smooth transaction.


Here are some tips recommended by OMVIC for online vehicle purchasing:

  • Ensure your dealership of choice or salesperson is registered with OMVIC At Palladino Lending Solutions, all our salespeople are certified with OMVIC to ensure you as a customer receive a fair and honest price on all vehicles.
  • Be Aware of “All-In-Price Advertising” – According to the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act, if a vehicle dealer advertises a price for a vehicle (new or used), the MVDA requires that the price includes all fees and charges the dealers intend to collect. Since All-In Price Advertising is the law in Ontario, we recommend taking a picture of the vehicle’s advertised price to bring to the dealer to ensure you are not charged more than the dealer’s advertised price.
  • Have a Conversation – Talk with the dealer by email, phone, video call, etc. to share your needs to ensure you are matched with the right vehicle for you. A vehicle is an extension of you, so make sure it’s a good match!
  • Inquire About an Accident History – If you’re planning on buying a used vehicle, ask your dealer for an accident history report to review any potential risks.
  • Know Your Contract – After negotiations, talk with your dealer about your contract to ensure all the details are clear. It’s important to understand every detail for clarity and ease of mind!
  • Include Promises in Your Contract – Make sure any promises made for your vehicle are stated in your contract.
  • Contract Cancellation Period – Request your dealer to provide you with a written contract cancellation period to ensure the purchaser inspects and tests drives the vehicle before the final purchase.
  • Review Before Signing – As with any contract, have the dealer review your contract via email prior to signing.
  • Inspect Upon Delivery – Carefully inspect your vehicle upon delivery.
  • Save the Process – It’s always a good idea to keep copies of all documentation from your buying process including email conversations, texts, the advertisement, contract, finance agreement, safety inspection, and any other documents provided during your vehicle purchase.
  • COVID-19 Tips – Things to keep in mind when purchasing a vehicle during a pandemic include: inquiring about the processes put in place for customers and staff safety, ensure the vehicle, keys, paperwork, etc. have been sanitized, and ensure social distancing is in effect during delivery.

Now that you have more insight on purchasing your next vehicle online, choose a dealership that makes your buying experience safe and honest. At Palladino Lending Solutions, we want you to buy with confidence and that’s why we’re here for you in-person or online with all your vehicle needs and questions!

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