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Let Palladino Lending Solutions, The Credit Specialists, Help

Whether it’s simply a couple of missed payments, or serious financial issues brought on by health or employment issues, credit troubles can happen to any of us. Here at Palladino Lending Solutions, we don’t dwell on the cause—we work to find a solution. That means helping you find a vehicle and finance rate that matches your budget, but it also means helping you return your credit to prime. Read on to learn more about what prime credit is, and how we can help you achieve it.

What is prime credit?

There are a three main types of credit ratings used by lending institutions, and those are:

Super prime credit

This is the top credit rating you can receive, and tells banks or other lenders that you’re a safe, risk-free option for all sorts of different loans and the lowest rates.

Prime credit

Prime credit is just one step below super prime, and still puts you in a position to access great interest rates and financing options—thanks to the low risk you pose to lenders.

Subprime credit

Subprime, sometimes referred to as non-prime or bad credit, is when your credit score drops below prime. The lower your credit score drops, the greater a risk you appear to lenders.


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How we can help you ‘Return To Prime’

Some of the, ahem, less scrupulous lenders out there will go out and target those with subprime credit, often selling vehicles that are beyond a borrower’s means or that come with unrealistic car payments for the borrower’s budget. So while the first few payments are made on time, and the borrower’s confidence grows, it becomes unsustainable and leads to missed payments—which then leads to further damage to their credit score. That’s not a solution to our customers’ problem, and that’s definitely not the way we do things at PLS.

We’ll work with you to determine your needs, vehicle-wise, and then we’ll work with you to determine a realistic budget. From there, our iDealerPlus software will help find a vehicle in our inventory (11 dealerships in all) that suits your needs while also providing a better loan-to-value ratio than you’ll find with the competition. This way you can make—and continue to make—payments on your vehicle, building your credit over time until you can return to prime. 

Not only will you improve your credit, but our Return To Prime program will even reduce the interest rate on your car loan from year to year as long as you make your payments on time. So not only will it become easier to make your payments on time, you’ll get to keep more of your money!

Get started with Palladino Lending Solutions today!

Allow the team at Palladino Lending Solutions to use their considerable experience and expertise in helping you return your credit to prime. While we can’t change what happened to impact your credit in the first place, we can and will come up with a solution to help you build your credit back up. To learn more about our Return To Prime program, or to get started in finding a new vehicle, simply give us a call or click here to get pre-approved!