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Our Cash Referral Program in Sudbury, Ontario

Here at Palladino Lending Solutions, we don’t stop at finding solutions to your credit situation—we’ll even put cash directly into your pocket! Thanks to our vehicle sales referral program, you can earn up to $500 every time you refer someone to Palladino Lending Solutions and they buy a vehicle. It’s simple really: you refer a friend or a family member, they buy a vehicle, and we pay you. Read on to learn more, or give us a call and we can answer any questions you might have.

You Refer. You Refer
They Buy. They Buy
You Earn. You Earn

How our Sudbury, Ontario Referral Program works

Everyone can use a little extra cash in their pocket, especially if you’re paying off a car loan of your own. So just take advantage of our simple, 3 step process and you can earn up to $500!

  • Refer a friend, family member, or colleague to Palladino Lending Solutions**
  • They find and purchase a vehicle
  • When they take possession of their new vehicle, you get a cheque
*Please make sure they let us know you referred them at the start of the transaction

Have you got a lot of friends, a big family, or a serious social media presence? Share away, since there’s no limit on how many people you can refer! And the referral fee grows with the more people you send our way:

  • 1st Referral = $250
  • 2nd Referral = $350
  • 3rd Referral = $500
  • 4th Referral & beyond = $500

Contact Palladino Lending Solutions today

If you’ve ever dealt with Guy or another member of the Palladino Lending Solutions team, you know that we’ll stop at nothing to help find a solution to your credit problems, along with a vehicle that fits your needs and budget. So whether your friends have great credit or not, refer them to Palladino Lending Solutions for a quality dealership experience they’ll never forget. Contact us via the form below, or give us a call, to ask any questions or to learn more about the Palladino Lending Solutions Referral Program!

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