A Customer is a Customer, regardless of their credit score.

At Palladino Lending Solutions we believe customers should not be discriminated against based on credit.

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Palladino Lending Solutions -
Getting you the right vehicle.

Palladino Lending solutions understands that it can be difficult to get approved for financing or leasing when buying a vehicle. We are a group that finds a solution for all car buyers, no matter what their credit challenges are - and we help you build your credit in the process.


We are committed to making you a long-lasting customer and friend.

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    Initially I did not plan to buy a car from a dealership, this being due to the stereotype that they are looking for a certain clientele. Palladino Honda is Sudbury, ON. has definitely changed my viewpoint on this, more specifically Rob Shea and Guy Robineau. I do no have the most desirable situation for a salesperson. My financial situation has geared [...]


    Palladino Lending Solutions Customer